Moussia Explores – It’s Not Ok!

Hi Readers!

Thanks for coming to my blog! I’m starting off my first blog with a thought piece. Not exactly what I had planned when I thought ” Ooo I’m going to start blogging again!” The topics that I want to explore with this blog “Moussia Explores” are going to be travel, motherhood, beauty, and the occasional thought and health post. I mostly keep my opinions to myself but some things just really irk my ire – I can’t hold it in. SO read on – or don’t 🙂 Thanks for the visit all the same!

Dear everyone,

Girls, women, boys, men. I’m feeling a little inspired to speak my mind today. So – with this platform (those who read this anyway) please teach the men in your life R-E-S-P-E-C-T, respect for females. These past 2 weeks have been so frustrating for me – I’ve had Cat calls, stare downs, and hollering from passing cars – those viral videos online are the real portrayal of what is like for women in 2018(🙋‍♀️) and what we go through completely unasked for. No it’s NOT flattering – it’s demeaning. Since I was 13 men I can remember men (really boys) have acted this way towards me before I really understood what it meant and it’s wrong. What made me write this rant is an encounter that happened a week and half ago. A man tried to enter my car at night while I was stopped at a red light downtown. I felt such fear – I was shaking and was so thankful my car door was locked. This is not what I want my baby girls to go through – hell I don’t want to go through it either –  it’s so messed up. Why should I have to shake in fear to be in my car at night?! I decide when I’m feeling attractive and I wear my makeup and clothes for myself because I do it for my own empowerment- I don’t need a man to make me feel that way. I’m in a marriage with a man who is everything   To me and I feel happier to have him in my life and it sickens me to have to deal with this behavior when I’m not with my man. So please pass along the message to the men in your life to respect women so other women don’t have to feel fear to be alone in public. I’m smiling on the outside but this is not ok.


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